Air Bra For Women Slim N Lift Skin Cotton Air Comfort – Adjustable

Air Bra For Women Slim N Lift Skin Cotton Air Comfort – Adjustable


The Slim N carry Aire River undergarment may be a specially designed undergarment that has wholly modified the traditional technique of covering the breasts. it’s a incontrovertible fact that|proven fact that|undeniable fact that|indisputable fact that} the there hasn’t notable amendment dropped at the undergarment for the last five decades and this is often additionally a fact that such standard undergarment leave marks on the fragile a part of the chest. These marks area unit primarily because of the many underwires utilized in bras. currently the answer of such issues has are available in the form of Slim N carry Aire River undergarment. The new Aire River undergarment has factory-made during a total totally different approach than the standard undergarment. The Aire River undergarment is meant from the forever fit-technology. the material product of this technology is created from the special purpose Santoni Machines that has quite thousand needles put in on that.

This undergarment has no hooks and wires the least bit. Moreover, this undergarment doesn’t cause to the fragile skin as a result of it’s made up of the knit. This undergarment is additional light-weight, soft, snug and body-friendly than the normal undergarmentthe material of Aire River undergarment is elastic and may simply adapt in step with the breast size right from the day one. It saves the valuable time of girls to regulate the undergarment every they struggle it on. This undergarment is thus snug that ladies will even sleep whereas carrying it. The Aire River undergarment comes in one size that matches all. This undergarment also can repel the sweat, thus you keep for all day long. currently get obviate your ancient undergarment and buy the new Slim N carry Aire River undergarment from Emartpk today!

Additional Features:

Specially designed undergarment created on Santoni machines
Full coverage cups
Extra large size straps
One size fits all
The Slim N carry Aire River undergarment is created from ninety four nada Nylon and eight elastic polymer. Moreover, the elegant Aire River incorporate material removes the wetness thus you are feeling recent and comfy for all the day long.

Product details of Slim N raise Skin Cotton Air Comfort undergarment – Brown
Material: Cotton Comfort match with No Hooks, Clips or Un comfy Straps
Perfect for all Sizes light-weight If you do not have as air undergarment nevertheless then it might be the foremost snug undergarment you’d ever own. Air undergarment may be a terribly snug undergarment designed when long analysis by scientists taking special care of all sorts of breasts. currently you do not ought to worry for comfort
Color: Black-Skin-White
Material: Cotton & Polyester
Perfect suitable all sizes
Skin Cotton & Polyester Air undergarment for girls
Specifications of skin colour – Air undergarment For Women- Adjustable
Brand     Comforts                                  SKU                                               CO776FA1CRB0ONAFAMZ-1786348
Color        Skin-Black-White                 Main Material                             Cotton & Polyester

Material Family                                       Polyester
What’s within the box                          1 x Skin Cotton & Polyester Air undergarment for girls

Size Chart

Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra SIZE Bra Size Blouse Size
S 28-32 6-10
M 32-36 12-14
L 36-38 14-16
XL 38-40 16-18
XXL 40-42 18-20
XXXL 42-44 20-22

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